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Press Release

Release Date: Nov 3, 2014

Enlightenment Underway

Enlightenment Underway

Crystal City officially said good-bye to the closed Eads Street Post Office as its demolition marked the transformation to a new residential apartment building steps from the Metro.  The new project, m.Flats at Crystal City, will be the first new development project to break ground as part of the County Board approved Crystal City Sector Plan. On the public infrastructure side, much is already underway - including the Transitway, Crystal Drive Two-Way, a new multi-modal center - and more is imminent - most notably, the long-planned Arlington Streetcar.  Catch-up on the latest projects under construction and coming soon in our Enlightenment Underway summary below. 

As always, more information can be found in the individual project section of the Crystal City website's Transformation page.  There is also a interactive map to help identify upcoming, underway, and completed projects that are all part of the evolution of Crystal City.

Help us document the transformation by snapping photos of on-going work using the #SparkProgress and tagging us on Instagram or Twitter (@CCBID) or on Facebook at crystalcityva.

Projects Underway

Crystal City/Potomac Yards Transitway - Metroway Service

Project Summary: The Crystal City Potomac Yard Corridor Transit Improvements Project provides high-capacity and high-quality bus transit service in the five-mile corridor between the Pentagon, Pentagon City, and Crystal City in Arlington County and the Braddock Road Metrorail Station in the City of Alexandria.  The improvements will facilitate faster travel times for the new Metroway Enhanced Bus Service that launched in August.

Status/Schedule: The County's latest construction update (sign-up for email updates here) documented the following:

  • Construction at Crystal Drive and 18th Street for Station E (View Station Map): Construction work includes the construction of a new transit station with improved sidewalks and paving. Click here to view area of construction and view a rendering for the proposed station.
    • Initial work will include water line installations/relocations. Temporary water service disruptions and/or shutoffs due to water line installations/relocations will occur in November.  Shutoffs are anticipated to occur during overnight hours and are subject to change.  Affected residents will be notified in advance.
    • Permanent closure of the 1801/1805 Crystal Drive driveway exit at 18th Street and Crystal Drive and modification of the current entrance to two-way use.  Drivers can use the exit immediately north of the intersection to access Crystal Drive during constructions (drivers can turn north or south from this exit).
    • Removal of trees and landscaping between the main driveway and service driveway was scheduled over the weekend; five replacement trees will be planted as part of the project
  • Construction detours/lane closures
    • Crystal Drive between Route 1 and 26th Street South - The parking and right lanes are closed for construction; the section between 26th and 27th Streets is open temporarily until work resumes in that location.  No parking is permitted in the closed, right lane; vehicles will be towed if parked there.
  • Ongoing work
    • South Glebe Road - Grading and roadbed sub-base installation, and under-drain installation
    • Crystal Drive and Route 1 - Storm drain installations between 29th and 33rd Streets South
    • Station B - Installing framework and rebar for west side platform footer
    • Station C - Backfilling platform areas, electrical wiring, and installing station platform roof drain
  • Upcoming work
    • Station A - Install new 12-inch water main on Crystal Drive (at 26th Street South) and fiber installations
    • Station B - Pour and backfill west side platform
    • Station C - Survey and begin sidewalk, curb, and gutter installation along South Glebe Road; install sidewalks and brick pavers at the station; and erect canopy steel
  • Related Transit Updates: To allow for Transitway and station construction, existing bus stops and shelters are being temporarily relocated.
    • Crystal Drive between Potomac Avenue & 26th Street (in front of EPA building): Effective Monday, November 10th, 2014 the northbound bus stop #6001229 will be temporarily relocated to just north of 26th Street South
    • South Glebe Road between Potomac Avenue and Jefferson Davis Highway: Northbound stop #6001233 relocated to the northeast corner of Glebe Road and Jefferson Davis Highway.  A temporary stop for southbound buses (toward Braddock Road) has been established on southbound Potomac Avenue about 150 feet north of Glebe Road.  See passenger notice (PDF) for an illustration.
    • Crystal Drive at 33rd Street: Northbound stop #6001230 closed for duration of Transitway construction.

m.Flats at Crystal City - 1720 South Eads Street

Project Summary: Approved by the Arlington County Board in February of 2013, the redevelopment of 1720 S. Eads Street fulfills the vision for the property defined in the Crystal City Sector Plan. The project’s 198 residential units (16 committed affordable) will add activity and vitality to a currently vacant and dormant site formerly housing the Crystal City Post Office. 

Status/Schedule: The project was approved by the Arlington County Board in February of 2013. Demolition of the old Post Office has been completed.  Construction is anticipated to start before the end of the year.

Asphalt Maintenance Program - S. Clark Street and S. Eads Street

Project Summary: Two main roadways in Crystal City - S. Clark Street from 15th to 27th Streets South and S. Eads Street from 15th to 23rd Streets South - were on the fall 2014 milling and repaving schedule.  For this project, hot-mix asphalt is used to resurface streets dedicated streets replacing the top 1 1/2 to 2 inches of asphalt by milling and paving the roadway surface.  New street markings follow repaving.

Status/Schedule: Milling and paving along both roadways has been completed.  Lane markings that consist of new road diet pilot with center turn lane and protected bicycle lanes are expected within the next few weeks.

Pilot Protected Bicycle Lanes - S. Eads Street Corridor Study

Project Summary: Arlington will implement a pilot project to convert South Eads Street into a Complete Street in the coming days. This project is located between 15th and 23rd Streets South and will convert the existing four-lane roadway into three lanes - two through lanes and a center two-way left turn lane - and a new protected bike facility. Pedestrian crossings will be upgraded and parking lanes will be reconfigured.  

Status/Schedule:  With repaving complete, new lane configuration markings are expected shortly. Once these changes are in place, Transportation Division staff will monitor roadway operations using travel times and vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian counts. The design of the pilot project is flexible and may change as operations are monitored. The outcome of these measures will influence the ultimate cross-section of the street and may lead to additional improvements as areas of opportunity are identified.  The data collected and the performance of the pilot project, along with the responses gathered from the South Eads Street visioning survey from this spring, will inform the design of the permanent South Eads Street Complete Street Project. The County also welcomes your feedback on the pilot project once implemented. Please send comments to

WeWork Residential

Project Summary: With co-work and collaboration transforming the dynamics of the office marketplace, Crystal City will be home to the first residential project to incorporate the same concepts of community, shared space, and collaboration. Led by the leader in shared office space, WeWork, and Vornado/Charles E. Smith, the project will convert approximately 158,000 square feet of office space into over 250 residential units and 5,900 square feet of ground floor retail space. Consisting primarily of small, efficiency, micro-units, the project’s distribution of communal spaces, such as kitchens, living rooms, library, arcade, and indoor herb garden, brings the sharing of ideas and space beyond the work environment thereby setting the concept apart from other proposed micro-unit projects.

Status/Schedule: Interior demolition is underway.  Delivery is expected in 2015.

The Acadia - Metropolitan Park 3

Project Summary: The Acadia, the third phase of Metropolitan Park, is the first multi-family building in the Pentagon City sub-market designed to achieve LEED Silver certification and adds an additional 411 apartment units to the market.  Located along the future 12th Street, the Acadia along with the Bartlett will help bridge the gap between Crystal City and Pentagon City on a new retail-oriented streetscape.

Status/Schedule: Scheduled for delivery in late 2014/early 2015

The Bartlett - Metropolitan Park 4/5

Project Summary: The Bartlett, which combines phases 4 and 5 of the Metropolitan Park development, will add a new 699-unit, 22-story residential building with ground floor retail that will include a new Whole Foods grocery store. 

Status/Schedule: Construction began in early 2014 and delivery is anticipated for 2016.

Upcoming Projects

15th Street South Realignment

Project Summary: The Crystal City Sector Plan envisions the realignment of 15th Street South east of Route 1 to create a large, neighborhood-oriented green space in the area between the east and west bound travel lanes. The park will be approximately 33,000 square feet with a width of 80 feet providing ample room for a lush, landscaped experience and well-designed gathering places in which residents and workers can relax. The project will also continue to develop the vision for the new street grid pattern in the area by creating a new at-grade north-south connection that unites Bell Street across 15th Street in anticipation of the required future streetcar routes as well as the demolition of the S. Clark Street overpass between 12th and 20th Streets South.

Status/Schedule: Preliminary designs have been drafted and are available online. Construction is anticipated to begin during the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year.

Interim Multimodal Center

Project Summary: The Crystal City Sector Plan envisions a new interim multimodal transportation center in the vicinity of the Metro station entrance to provide clear and efficient transfers for users of all modes of transit including the new transitway. The interim multimodal center would be incorporated into the streetscape of 18th Street between S. Bell and S. Eads Streets.

Status/Schedule: Funding was approved by the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority in July of 2013. Construction is anticipated to start in 2014 and be completed by the spring of 2015.

400 Army Navy Drive

Project Summary: Currently vacant due to BRAC, the office building located in the north western most corner of Crystal City is proposed to be torn down and replaced with two new modern residential 20-story towers totaling approximately 450 new residential units. 

Status/Schedule: The project is expected to go before the County Board for approval before the end of the year.

223 23rd Street South

Project Summary: Located at the corner of 23rd Street and Crystal Drive, the redevelopment of the vacant Crystal Plaza 5 office building would be the fourth and largest proposed project to-date under the Crystal City Sector Plan. Consisting of two separate towers – one residential and one office – the redevelopment would realign most of 23rd Street to comply with the plan while creating a more cohesive streetscape that further enhances the connection to areas south of 23rd Street and west of Crystal Drive.

Status/Schedule: The proposed project was recently admitted into the County Site Plan Review Process (SPRC).

Boundary Channel Interchange Upgrade

Project Summary:  Arlington County proposes to redesign the Boundary Channel Drive Interchange with I-395 to improve traffic flow on a major traffic thoroughfare between the County and the District of Columbia. The project will construct two roundabouts at the terminus of the ramps from I-395 to Boundary Channel Drive, eliminate redundant traffic ramps to/from I-395, and remove a dangerous “weave-merge” improving traffic flow and safety. In addition, the project will create multimodal connections to/from the District of Columbia that will promote alternate modes of commuting into and out of the district.

Status/Schedule:  The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority approved Arlington County's request for $4.3 million dollars in July of 2013.  Construction is anticipated to begin in 2015 and be completed by no later than 2018.

Arlington Streetcar

Project Summary: The Arlington Streetcar will incentivize and serve the mixed-use, walkable communities envisioned along its planned route through Crystal City, Pentagon City, and Columbia Pike.

Status/Schedule: Arlington Streetcar has been approved and reaffirmed by the County Board several times.  Most recently, the County Board approved the Streetcar and its associated funding in the 2015-2024 Capital Improvement Program in July as well as a $30 million engineering contract in September.  Construction is anticipated to begin in 2017 with revenue service opening in 2020.

Crystal Drive Two-Way Phase 3 between 26th Street and 27th Street & 27th Street between Route 1 and Crystal Drive

Project Summary: Arlington County is converting the remaining one-way segments of Crystal Drive into two-way operation greatly easing navigation on the area’s road network. Phase 3 includes converting Crystal Drive between 26th and 27th Streets into two-way operation. The project will also convert 27th Street to two-way operation between Route 1 and the intersection with Crystal Drive and Potomac Yard. Learn more about the transformation of Crystal Drive here.

Status/Schedule: The County is working on approvals with the Virginia Department of Transportation.  A construction timeline has not yet been released.

Recently Completed

Boeing Regional Corporate Headquarters

Project Summary: The Boeing Company is consolidating their Metropolitan Washington operations in a new 322,000 square foot office building on the north side of Crystal City adjacent to the Long Bridge Park.

Status/Schedule: Boeing employees began moving into the building in early October 2014.

Hayes Street Protected Bicycle Lanes

Project Summary:  In August, Hayes Street was repaved and upgraded to a complete street with the addition of the County's first protected bicycle lane.  A relatively new addition to the bicycle infrastructure toolbox in the United States, the protected lane separates bicycles from regular vehicle travel lanes with a buffer of parked vehicles and new markings.  This type of facility has been demonstrated to stimulate increases in bicycle ridership, particularly among the most vulnerable and risk averse portions of the populations.  The protected lanes provide a new and much safer connection between the centers of Crystal City and Pentagon City.  With the addition of protected lanes on S. Eads Street, Crystal City is quickly building a comprehensive network of bicycle facilities of the highest quality.

Status/Schedule: Completed in August of 2014.