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Press Release

Release Date: Jul 15, 2009

Art Abounds in Crystal City

CONTACT: Angela Fox, 703-412-9430

Art Abounds in Crystal City

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Crystal City (Arlington, VA) — As area curator, the Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) has added three new projects to the Crystal Art collection. Infusing still more color and character into the textures and surfaces of Crystal City, these works brighten and energize Crystal City’s gateways and gathering spaces, showcasing creativity that is both economical and green.

“The response to the Art Walls program has been overwhelmingly positive,” says Angela Fox, Crystal City BID President/CEO. “People love them and are asking us for more. From an implementation standpoint, we have found a low-cost/high-impact means of transforming our user experience, and that is at the heart of what we are meant to do.”

Launched in October 2008, the Art Walls collection currently includes five projects; the latest two of which — Emerge and Supernature — were installed this summer.

Developed by artist Michele de la Menardiere, Emerge consists of nineteen 10’ x 10’ panels mounted directly onto the exterior of the Hyatt Regency Crystal City located at 2799 Jefferson Davis Highway. Through iridescent color, amorphic shape, and varying texture, Emerge uses an abstract language to explore the rich complexity of the visceral landscape.

Supernature is the product of artist Matthew Best and can be found along 12th Street beneath Route 1. A self-described suburban forager, Best explores public spaces in search of wild, edible fruits and vegetables. Supernature examines this act of foraging while offering an overlooked perspective of food — where it comes from and alternative ways in which it can be acquired. The changes and contrast in the forms, colors, and patterns cause the observer to mimic the foraging process with movements of the eye in capturing the composition as a whole.

Paying tribute to the success of the 2008 Crystal Flight project, a new statue project is now complete in Crystal City. However, instead of being constructed from polyurethane, these statues are plant-based, biodegradable pieces designed and built by artist Sergio Martinez. Located in Crystal City’s WaterPark, Martinez’s five eco-art designs build on the primary element of the location — water — representing varying states of its liquid form, including the natural energy of waves, the geometry of a drop of water, or the rippling effect of water moving past an old wooden post of a pier. Sustainably- and locally-grown and harvested bamboo is shaped to mimic and reflect the dynamic characteristics of water through varying lengths, orientations, and heights. Bamboo exhibits an exemplary capacity to flex, morph, and quickly regenerate making it the perfect material with which to meet the spirit of the eco-art theme. Learn more about the artist and his work by visiting his website at

The Crystal City BID will be hosting a Meet the Artist event on Tuesday, July 28th from 5-7 PM in the Crystal City WaterPark for all art enthusiasts to meet Sergio Martinez and discuss his eco-art statues. As an added bonus and to showcase the contemplative nature of the work, the Crystal City BID has partnered with Sport & Health to host an outdoor yoga class during this Meet the Artist event. Participants will receive a free Crystal Fit Yoga mat for the class and other upcoming free Yoga sessions including Yoga-Inspired Stretching every Monday at 7:45 PM at Crystal Screen (18th and Bell Street) and Hot Yoga every Wednesday in August from noon to 1 PM at the 2345 Crystal Drive Courtyard. Yoga amidst the ecologically-inspired artwork is one sure way to get FIT, HEALTHY, and GREEN in Crystal City this summer!

Click here to download a map showing the locations of the Art Walls and eco-art statues. For more information, visit


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