Marsha Staiger - Rhythm & Balance

CATEGORIES: Art | Art Wall

Courtyard Marriott/Crystal Dr
Arlington, VA 22202

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With music as her inspiration and muse, Marsha Staiger playfully integrates the musical genre of Rhythm and Blues and her artistic concepts of Rhythm and Balance into the aptly titled R&B Series. Staiger establishes rhythm by using her body as a means of artistic expression - the distance between the tip of her thumb to the heel of her palm is the primary unit of measurement within the pieces. Each stroke using this measurement adds layers that interact and converse with others in accidental ways yielding new colors or drips. The new relationships influence Staiger’s subsequent actions in a way that incorporates her cognition and awareness into the painting in addition to the scale of her body. Though hidden within the layers, the energy, connection, and consciousness of the artist are clearly evident.

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