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15th Street Realignment

15th Street South Realignment

The Crystal City Sector Plan envisions the realignment of 15th Street South east of Route 1 to create a large, neighborhood-oriented green space in the area between the east and west bound travel lanes. The park will be approximately 33,000 square feet with a width of 80 feet providing ample room for a lush, landscaped experience and well-designed gathering places in which residents and workers can relax. The project will also continue to develop the vision for the new street grid pattern in the area by creating a new at-grade north-south connection that unites Bell Street across 15th Street in order to facilitate expansion of the Metroway enhanced bus service north to Pentagon City.


  • Enhances automotive and pedestrian circulation within Crystal City
  • New signalized crossing of 15th Street enhances safety at a common mid-block pedestrian crossing
  • New 15th Street road dimensions will humanize the roadway and calm traffic making for an enhanced pedestrian experience
  • Upgraded pedestrian streetscape and sidewalk with county standard paving, street trees, and street lighting


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