Project Journey at Ronald Reagan Washing

Project Journey at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

With Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) located less than 1,000 feet from Crystal City, the business district has access to convenient air travel for visitors, workers and residents. Designed to serve upwards of 15 million passengers per year, DCA welcomed more than 23 million passengers in 2016, a testament to its value to travelers.

To provide passengers with greater connectivity, more shopping and dining options, and a more pleasant post-security environment, the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) initiated Project Journey, a $1 billion investment, to transform the traveler experience inside terminals, at the gates and along the roads. The end result will update the current facilities to meet the growing needs of the flourishing DC region.


  • Creating a better passenger experience by ending busing from Gate 35X and bringing people in from the cold, snow, rain and heat when boarding regional aircraft
  • Alleviating passenger congestion by moving security checkpoints and incorporating National Hall into a connected, post-security environment.
  • Adding no additional aircraft capacity at Reagan National
  • Investing $1 billion in passenger safety, security, and efficiency.


New Security Checkpoint Construction

  • 2018: Begin utility relocations and construction of foundations and support columns.
  • Next phase: Lift and secure support beams above roadway (overnight work / lane closures expected).
  • No impact on existing security checkpoint operations.
  • 2021: Two new security checkpoints open with space for a total of 28 screening lanes, connecting Gates 10-45 and shops and restaurants post-security.
  • Final Phase: Remove original security checkpoints and close out project.

New Concourse Construction

  • 2017: Fence off the construction site to separate it from the active airfield.
  • 2018: Add fill dirt around the site and allow it to settle before re-grading for optimal drainage slopes. Begin concourse construction.
  • No noticeable impact on existing flight operations.
  • 2021: New concourse opens, replacing busing operations from Gate 35X and increasing passenger comfort and convenience.

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