Clark Street Demolition

Clark Street Demolition

With the two-waying of Crystal Drive, the old two-lane southbound couplet, S. Clark Street, became obsolete and redundant. To make way for new building sites and an improved surface street network, the Crystal City Sector Plan and accompanying Multimodal Transportation Study called for its demolition. New open space, sidewalks, landscaping, and lighting will be provided throughout the corridor.


  • Eliminates redundant roadway infrastructure
  • Marks a key step in other critical infrastructure projects including the 15th Street S. Realignment which delivers a Sector Plan identified green space as well as a new road connection along surface level Clark-Bell Street
  • Provides new right-of-way to construct a new curb-level bicycle facility connecting the Crystal City Metro to bicycle facilities on Long Bridge Drive and the future Army Navy Drive Cycle Track
  • Removes key obstacle to creating new redevelopment pads envisioned in the Crystal City Sector Plan
  • Clark Street removal will reduce the width of the underpass along 18th Street connecting to Eads Street helping to link the two sides of Route 1


  • Designs completed in early 2017
  • Construction anticipated to start in mid to late 2017 with construction taking approximately 20 months

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