Multimodal Transportation Study

Moving More People More Efficiently

The Crystal City Multimodal Transportation Study is a supporting document to the Crystal City Sector Plan and was undertaken in concert with the land use planning and urban design process under the guidance of the Crystal City Planning Task Force and Arlington County Staff. The Study presents an evaluation of the existing and future multimodal transportation network along with recommendations for and phasing of improvements to support the implementation of the Crystal City Sector Plan.


  • Presents a thorough assessment of the existing conditions of Crystal City’s transportation network – including streets, sidewalks, Metro, VRE, bus, and bicycle infrastructure
  • Models projected trip generation for a built out Crystal City Sector Plan and outlines recommended transportation infrastructure to support the projected modal splits
  • Establishes the need for bold improvements to transit with an affirmation by providing high-capacity service serving new development throughout the corridor
  • Presents a visionary long-term approach to the transformation of Jefferson Davis highway into an urban boulevard that serves to unify the neighborhood
  • Creates an improved pedestrian environments with enhanced sidewalks and streetscapes, new ground level retail and a strategic distribution of parks and plazas for a quality urban lifestyle
  • Realigns auto-centric roadways into a more traditional, multi-modal, urban street grid
  • Identifies a series of critical transportation improvements and proposes guidance for the phasing of their implementation

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