Public Info Meeting Recap

Public Information Meeting Recap - September 5th, 2017

The project consultant, VHB, hosted two public information meetings on September 5, 2017 (11:30 am and 6:30 pm). At both meetings, the consultant team gave an overview presentation demonstrating the potential to build a new pedestrian connection between Crystal City and DCA.

View the Presentation.

Following the presentation, participants were asked to provide feedback on the objectives of the project, and identify the best location for the connection through an the "Pin the Tail on the Trail" exercise. Public feedback included: 

  • Make hotels and businesses in Crystal City walking distance for DCA arrivals
  • Enhance connections to Mount Vernon Trail, Metro, and VRE
  • Create convenient and safe access for all users of all abilities
  • Incorporate wayfinding for residents and visitors alike
  • Study topography and “desire lines” to inform bridge vs. tunnel options

Over 60 people attended, and over 800 people viewed the presentation online. A PDF of the presentation from the meeting is available here [link “here”]. If you were unable to attend the meeting, lunch and evening presentations were recorded to the Crystal City BID’s Facebook Page:

If you would like to provide additional feedback on the project, please send us your thoughts at:

The next public information meeting will be held on November 16, 2017.

Comments on Objective Boards

1.    Generate Economic Development
       a.    Emergence of Crystal City as “Airport City” + Drawing related business tenants
       b.    Make CC hotels and other biz walking distance for DCA arrivals
       c.    Lots of signage directing arrivals to CC businesses and identifying CC businesses
       d.    Integrate clear maps of CC that identify hotels and how to get there
       e.    Having roving ambassador to help lost tourists with maps to give them
       f.    Residents in condo buildings are on decision boards
       g.    Great idea for business, neighborhood, visitors and just commuting through
2.    Create a Direct and Enjoyable Experience
       a.    Should be shielded from the elements [and cars and trains]
       b.    Walk/bike separate from motorized modes
       c.    Smooth ramps for all with luggage, strollers, and wheelchairs
       d.    Wide enough for all uses and luggage
       e.    Safety is key
       f.    Clear covers on bridges
       g.    If a bridge, should be climate controlled for comfort and usability
       h.    Clear crossings with lights
3.    Develop a Practical and Implementable Solution
       a.    What the park service will allow is critical, and a first cut for any future planning
       b.    Study relative to elevations, desire lines to inform bridge vs. tunnel
       c.    Keep local communities involved
       d.    Make a “Y” off Mt. Vernon Trail (for biking access) to bridge to the parking garage
4.    Provide Multimodal Access and Connectivity to Region
       a.    Short and long term bike parking [great idea]
       b.    Consider a bike station like the one at Union Station
       c.    Provide most direct connection to CC Metro and CC VRE Station
       d.    Make it convenient and safe for all users of all abilities; meet need of pedestrians and cyclists
       e.    Make sure bike access is good
5.    Celebrate and Preserve Recreational, Cultural, and Historic Resources
       a.    Minimal visual adverse impacts on experience along GWMP
       b.    As short (in length bridge or tunnel) as possible to avoid impact of construction near trail and wetlands
       c.    Don’t forget plantation
       d.    Don’t degrade quality of life for residents
6.    Align or Integrate with existing and Planned Infrastructure Projects
       a.    Connection to Mt. Vernon Trail
       b.    Enhance connections to VRE and Mt. Vernon Trail
       c.    Opportunities for funding partnerships
       d.    Align with various VRE proposals in the works

Pin the Tail on the Trail Activity

  • Closest connection to potential VRE station at 2011 Crystal Drive
  • Easiest would be to use existing CC-MVT connector past the underpass and then tunnel or bridge over airport access road to Metro
  • Short-term/lower cost option for better Crystal City Airport access could be a bridge over airport access road lanes from the existing Mt. Vernon bike trail to airport parking. (Fewer stakeholders involved with southern option)
  • Whatever option you go with please make sure hordes of tourists don’t stop or clog up the Mt. Vernon Trail its dangerous for both bikers and tourists
  • Shortest distance between 2 points (tunnel). If short, it might be easier to maintain/ upkeep/ clean/ keep well-lit. Cost savings could be applied to a loop-style shuttle bus direct to terminal stops [connection from VRE Option 3, south to MVT]
  • Looking forward to the final study

Figure 1: Pin the Tail on the Trail Activity Results. (Pink represents an above grade connection, blue represents a tunnel connection.)