CC2DCA Pedestrian Connection Feasibility Study

VISION - To directly link Crystal City with DCA via a context-sensitive pedestrian connection that strengthens Crystal City's office and hotel community, and offers new opportunities to link residents and visitors to an inter-modal hub connecting the airport, Metro, commuter rail, regional rail, and trails.

In February 2018, the Crystal City BID released the Crystal City to DCA (CC2DCA) Pedestrian Connection Feasibility Study to explore the concept of a new, direct pedestrian connection between Crystal City and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

The report deemed the new connection feasible at an approximate cost of between $28 and $38 million. This conclusion was a key first step towards delivering on this exciting economic development catalyst that would position Crystal City for continued growth and investment. Arlington County demonstrated its recognition of the project’s value through a commitment of more than $500,000 to further study the CC2DCA connection.

For additional information, please download the CC2DCA Executive Summary or visit the CC2DCA website,

Key Feasibility Study Recommendations

  • Establish CC2DCA Steering Committee
  • Ensure Design Coordination with new VRE Station
  • Coordinate with Arlington County to include funds for CC2DCA in Capital Improvement Program
  • Investigate short-term improvements