Four Mile Run Restoration

Four Mile Run Restoration Project

Measured as a flood control project, the hardened channel that is Four Mile Run between I-395 and National Airport has been an immense success. As a community asset that traverses many neighborhoods, marks the border between Alexandria and Arlington, and includes the right-of-way for a popular linear trail, the waterway is unimpressive at best. The Four Mile Run Restoration Project aims to change that by restoring 2.3 miles of the channel and incorporating enhanced public amenities while maintaining its flood control characteristics.


  • Restoration of 2.3 miles of concrete channel with natural vegetation that will continue to serve the channels primary goal of protecting the area from a 100-year flood event
  • Enhanced stormwater management that will further protect the water quality of Four Mile Run, the Potomac River, and the Chesapeake Bay
  • Incorporation of new recreational uses including addition bike and pedestrian trails, natural habitat exploration, and non-motorized boat access
  • Demolition of abandoned rail bridge for daylighting of the waterway (completed in 2014)
  • Incorporation of a public plaza on the remaining rail bridge
  • Pedestrian furnishings and lighting
  • Creation of a new "South Park Potomac Yard" along Four Mile Run
  • Construction of a new Four Mile Run Trail Connection to Potomac Avenue
  • Construction of a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge across Four Mile Run between Eads Street and Commonwealth Avenue


  • Rail bridge demolition completed in 2014
  • Lower Four Mile Restoration Phase began in spring of 2017; completed in fall of 2017
  • Planning process for "South Park Potomac Yard" initiated in early 2017

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