Crystal Drive Two-Way (Phase 1,2)

Crystal Drive Two-Way Conversion Phases 1 & 2

Finishing what JBG/Smith began in 2004, Arlington County is converting the remaining one-way segments of Crystal Drive into two-way operation. Upon completion, South Arlington’s main Street will permit traffic to flow in both directions from Potomac Avenue to 12th Street. With the completion of the 12th Street extension between S. Eads and S. Fern Streets, the road now links Crystal City to the Pentagon City Fashion Center, Pentagon City Metro, and Hayes Street. The new Crystal Drive also offers an enhanced pedestrian experience with widened sidewalks, new street trees, and additional on-street parking. Phase 1 – Crystal Drive between 15th Street and 12th Street, 12th Street between Crystal Drive and S. Clark/Long Bridge Drive, and S. Clark Street between 12th and 14th Road South.


  • Simplifies vehicular navigation throughout Crystal City
  • Also converts S. Clark Street between 12th and 14th Road to two-way operation
  • Improves pedestrian streetscape with wider sidewalks, new street trees, and aesthetic paving pattern Southbound bike lane on Crystal Drive
  • New traffic signals
  • Updated ADA-compliant crosswalks and associated ramps
  • New mid-block crossing with HAWK signal on Crystal Drive between 23rd and 26th Street
  • Implements the recommendations of the Crystal City Multimodal Transportation Study in support of the Crystal City Sector Plan


  • Phase 1: between 26th and 23rd Streets - Completed October 2013
  • Phase 2: between 15th and 12th Streets - Completed June 2013
  • Phase 3: between 26th and 27th Streets - Construction is anticipated to begin late 2017 and take approximately 15-18 months

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