Joint 22202 Civic Associations Meeting

CATEGORY: Community Meetings


  • Jan 14, 2020 - Tue 7-9 pm



1800 Richmond Hwy
Arlington, VA 22202

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The 22202 civic associations (Arlington Ridge, Aurora Highlands, Crystal City) are joining forces to start off the new year with a joint meeting of great importance to our neighborhood: the Livability Framework and Action Plan. The goal of the Framework is to tackle the challenges facing our area with holistic strategies based on shared livability themes to create a better, more livable city. Come learn about the LFAP and how we can partner with developers, businesses, and the County to implement it. Here's the agenda: 1. Matt Mattauszek, County Planner for 22202, on "Beyond Amazon"-- a PowerPoint on all the development areas in 22202. This sets the stage so folks know where things will be happening in the next year. 2. Presentation of the Livability Framework and the Action Plan. Mike Dowell of Aurora Highlands will be the main presenter, with Eric Cassel of Crystal City as Introducer. The talk will be tailored to our residents in the 3 CAs with more details on the Action Plan and implementation. 3. Panel on Open Space as an example of how we can implement the LF Action Plan: JBG Smith VP for Development Andy VanHorn on the Crystal City parks; Brooke Overwetter, our Amazon outreach coordinator, to talk about community benefits in redesigning the Metropolitan Park; and Tracy Gabriel of the Crystal City BID on how the Livability Framework fits with the BID's Strategic Plan, how they did the mapping of Open Space, and what the BID's role is with implementing the LF for Open Space. Brian Harner, our facilitator for development of the Livability Framework and Action Plan, will moderate. There will then be a Q and A to provide feedback and guidance. DON'T LEAVE THE FUTURE UP TO SOMEONE ELSE. COME JOIN US AND GET INVOLVED