Intuition Class with Laura Powers

CATEGORY: Classes & Workshops


  • Sun, Apr 28, 2019 - Sun, May 5, 2019 1-2:30pm



1750 Crystal Dr
1750 Crystal Dr
Arlington, VA 22202

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In this class, students will learn how to clear and protect their energy fields. Participants will learn and practice several techniques that will help them stay clear, grounded and peaceful. These techniques are especially beneficial for anyone who works with people, is frequently around a lot of people, is a healer or a teacher, or is an empath/sensitive. The class will cover energy clearing basics, how to identify and release foreIn this class, students will learn how to access their own intuition to better navigate through life with peace, ease, joy, and abundance! Participants will learn the different ways intuition speaks to us and how to better understand its messages. No experience or knowledge is necessary to take this course and anyone with interest is welcome. The class fee is $111 per person.