Fact Sheets


Located right on the Potomac River five minutes from the center of Washington DC, the greater Crystal City area, which includes Pentagon City and Potomac Yard - Arlington, has emerged as Virginia’s largest walkable downtown. With a total asset value of over $11 billion, the area includes over 18 million square feet of office, nearly 18,000 residential units, 5,900 hotel rooms and approximately 475 retail storefronts and restaurants. This scale of development makes the greater Crystal City area an economic engine for Arlington County and comparable to other major central business districts around the country including in Austin, Indianapolis, and even Miami. The BID is supporting the exciting transformation of Crystal City into a vibrant urban center and a great, mixed-use urban community. The following fact sheets provide a more comprehensive overview of the BID organization, the Crystal City area and the vision for the future. For all media inquiries, please contact Amanda Rubin Deveaux at adeveaux@rubenstein.com or 212-843-8591.

Crystal City Stats

  • Total asset value: $6 billion
  • Net fiscal impact to County: $29.25 million
  • County general fund revenues generated: 8.4%
  • Hotels rooms: 4,599 rooms across 13 hotels
  • Residential : 7,586 units with a further 1,782 approved/proposed
  • Office: 9.75 million square feet with an additional 44,000 under renovation
  • Retail: 214 storefronts in 835,000 square feet and another 120,000 square feet approved/proposed
  • Estimated average household income is $98,774
  • Passengers traveling through Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport: 23 million

Area-Wide Perspective (1-mile radius from 20th and S. Eads St)

  • Total asset value: $11.3 billion
  • Net fiscal impact to County: $57.41 million
  • County general fund revenues generated: 17.8%
  • Hotel rooms: 5,899 rooms across 17 hotels
  • Residential: 15,242 units with a further 3,188 approved/proposed
  • Estimated Population: ~32,000
  • Office: 12 million square feet (18.6 million square feet with Pentagon), with an additional 6 million square feet in the pipeline
  • Estimated Employment: Over 70,000
  • Retail: 475+ storefronts in 2.8 million square feet and 353,000 square feet in the pipeline
  • Vacancy Rate: 18.5 % (per Arlington County, Crystal City Submarket)