The $50 million Crystal Tech Fund brings a new venture capital firm with proven start-up expertise in founder Paul Singh (500 Startups, Disruption Corporation) to Crystal City. The Crystal Tech Fund will focus on backing post-seed startups – a time-period in a startup’s growth often overlooked by investors. Crystal Tech will begin to fund promising, high-growth entrepreneurs with investments ranging from $250,000 to $1 million in early 2014 with a focus on three core principles:

1) Venture Capital, Tech-enabled Companies & Economic Development

Technology is making startup formation location-agnostic but, at some point, the best companies need to pick a home. Emerging are places that put the entrepreneurial culture at the forefront and increase chances of success while spurring economic development, kicking off a priceless cycle. Venture Capital should play an important role in lighting this fire.

2) High-Growth Companies Need More Than Just Cash

Crystal Tech Fund has the cash to fuel additional growth for entrepreneurs. However, once a start-up has bootstrapped and graduated beyond an accelerator, success requires more than just money. Crystal Tech Fund provides the right mix of tools, resources & guidance to help companies be more productive, recruit better talent, and grow their teams.

3) Venture Capital Needs More Geeks

Disruption and Crystal Tech Fund are built by founders, hackers, and dataheads pairing experiences as founders with data to allow for better pre-investment decisions and post-investment nurturing. Our products and approach are built around this concept - geeks funding geeks.