As part of the deep commitment to the environment, the Crystal City BID practices a “low- to no-waste” initiative for all events and activities. These events have a tendency to require the use of a fair amount of disposable materials (i.e., drink cups, plates, utensils, napkins, etc). In an effort to reduce landfill waste produced by these events and programs, the Crystal City BID has committed to purchasing compostable materials instead of petroleum-based products and to professionally compost all generated waste produced. To accomplish this goal, the BID partners with Green Duck and Worldcentric to procure compostable materials and with a local commercial composter, EnviRelation to compost the collected items. To date, the Crystal City BID has composted thousands of pounds of materials from a number of events and programs.

Compost Collection Site

The Crystal City BID’s compost collection site provides you the chance to get scrappy and start composting! The Crystal City BID is proud to partner with commercial composting powerhouse, EnviRelation, in providing a drop-off site for area composters who might not have enough room for a tumbler or worm farm in their homes or offices! Whether you are a local apartment resident or want to get that office composting program started, the Crystal City Compost Collection at the FRESHFARM Market will help you get started. The Compost Collection is available every Tuesday at the weekly market along Crystal Drive from 3 – 7 PM. If you miss the market on Tuesday, the compost bins are located at the loading dock at 1851 Bell Street. Click here for a map.

Acceptable Materials:

Anything made out of flour (i.e. bread, donuts, cookies, crackers, etc.)
Vegetable & Fruit Waste (including rinds and cores)
Paper and Wax Coated Cardboard
Coffee grounds, tea bags, filters
Grains (cooked or uncooked)
Egg shells (crushed)
Corn cobs & husks
Anything Organic
Dairy Products
Meat or Fish
Old Spices

Unacceptable Materials:

Non-Organic (glass, styrofoam, etc.)
Plastics (bags, saran, bottles)
Metal (cans, foil, utensils)
Grease & oils