Crystal Screen: Blockbusters - E.T. The Extraterrestrial

E.T.: The Extraterrestrial

A meek and alienated little boy finds a stranded extraterrestrial. He has to find the courage to defy the authorities to help the alien return to its home planet.

The schedule for Crystal Screen: Blockbusters:

Movie Date
E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial 6/3/13
The Social Network 6/10/13
The King's Speech 6/17/13
Crash 6/24/13
American Beauty 7/1/13
The Blind Side 7/8/13
Moneyball 7/15/13
A Beautiful Mind 7/22/13
Forrest Gump 7/29/13
The Help 8/5/13
Jaws 8/12/13
Inception 8/19/13
Jurassic Park 8/26/13



Click here to download a .pdf showing sunset times and movie lengths for the movie series.

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