Though mass transit, bicycling, and walking are all key parts of Crystal City's accessibility, the area is also easily accessible by car. With connections to every major highway and interstate in the area, getting to Crystal City is easy and parking is even easier. Crystal City contains a number of parking facilities throughout the area making it convenient to find parking close to your destination. Many of the facilities offer free entry after 4 PM on weekdays and all day on weekends and holidays. Use the interactive map below to find the most convenient parking or use the links below to help you find the garage you are looking for.

Crystal City Area PDF Map – A map illustrating locations of parking facilities in Crystal City making it easy to find free garages at specific times of day as well as locating convenient hourly parking.

Free and Hourly Parking – Check out this convenient list of garages.

Directory – To find parking near your destination, go to the Directory, locate your destination, and the three closest parking facilities will be listed.

Google Parking Map - View an area map showing the locations of all of the entrances to parking facilities that offer free entry on weekdays after 4:00 PM and all day on weekends and Holidays. Click on any of the parking garages on the map and click "Get Directions to Here" for accurate directions on getting to convenient parking from your specific destination!

Tour Bus Parking Map - This map shows the locations of all the street parking reserved for Tour Buses.

Bicycle Rack Locations Map - This map shows you locations of all of the on-street bicycle parking racks throughout Crystal City.

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